Wednesday, October 17, 2012

t-minus three days and counting

lordy i'm tired.  and also so heroically dedicated to my daily posting pledge that i'm working through the exhaustion to bring this award-winning post into your hearts and homes!

weddings!  every time a good friend of mine gets married, i collapse into a heap of tuckered-out happiness and utter relief when it's all over.  i just am so excited for them, and so full of "good ideas" and "ways i'd love to help, no i insist" that i end up driving myself and everyone around me bananas, helping them throw the most elaborately orchestrated, detailed DIY wedding the planet has ever seen.  until my next dear friend gets married, when i strive to top that insanity record.  

my to-do list is so full of love for my darlin' emilia.  but for now, ima have to collapse into bed.  snuggle up next to my little partner in crime.  drift off to dreamland.  zzzz....

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1 comment:

  1. Sarah, you do it every time, too. Every wedding I've ever been at where your most adorable and talented hands have had anything to do with it, I've been in awe. You have a way of making everyone feel the love and seriously, I usually think "woah, how much money did they spend on this amazing show" because your handy work is worth a cajillion bucks! You're love for your friend will be so obviously big (and charming, delightful, shiny, impressive, etc) it's going to knock everyone's socks off.