Monday, October 29, 2012


yesterday, after a breakfast of bacon and eggs at sara's house and a long nap, sho and I met neesy at gull meadows farm for some wholesome fall activities.  we've been going there since sho was a tiny babe, because the family who owns it took a natural childbirth class with david and me, and hosted a reunion there when all the babies were a few months old.  riding a wagon out to the pumpkin patch to pick your own pumpkin, then drinking cider and eating donuts was awesome enough.  but now that sho's old enough to partake in the activities in "pumpkin lane," we had a ridiculous amount of fun.  we were pretty much grinning from ear to ear the entire time we were there, all three of us.  they have two huge trampolines built into the ground, a couple zip lines, a massive slide built into a steep hill, a long kiddie train pulled by a tractor, and (inexplicably sho's favorite) a bunch of water pumps in front of gutters with plastic ducks to race in them.  the best part about this place is how simple it is.  entrance is cheap and covers everything there.  the slide is just a huge plastic corrugated drain pipe dug into a hill, and the train cars are made from metal barrels.  all the signs are hand-painted, and there was even just a big ol' pile of straw to jump in.  but in spite of this simplicity (or perchance...because of it?), we had an exhilarating level of fun; it was slightly ridiculous how happy the three of us were.  and then, once pumpkin lane closed its doors, we bought some homemade jam for sho's pb&js, a little bottle of cider shaped like an apple, and called it a day.

once sho and i got home and got cozy in that dreamy sunday-evening late-fall sort of way, wearing warm pajamas and slippers and watching mouk on the laptop, i got to thinking about the day.  officially, it's just sho and me, a tiny nuclear family indeed.  an adventure like today has the potential to be a pretty sad little outing, just a single mom and her kid in a sea of happy families.  but i rarely feel like we're lacking anything (well...except money).  neesy and i often joke about being sho's two mommies, and i think we probably do look like a couple sometimes while we're out and about, so focused are we on shoshanna and equally proud of her every brave moment and grown-up new experience.  i'm sure it's also unclear which of us is her mom at times, just because we are both right there by her side, taking her picture and scooping her up when she gets hurt.  we absolutely feel like a family when we're together.

and then there's our family that we live with, my parents and grandma, who are such a part of our lives that the term "extended" family doesn't really apply; and all my dear close friends from way back when, both here in town and on both coasts.  i pretty much never feel alone. sometimes i talk about how it's sho and me against the world, but i don't often feel that way really, because so many incredible people have our back.  our family might not be traditional, and there definitely aren't too many picture books about ones like ours, but man, it works for us.  and i'm so grateful to call this family my own.        

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  1. I feel like sho's aunt. I'm already planning for her to come out and visit me by herself in the summer time...she can drink sweet tea and run with me along the canal. Maybe not this summer...but when she's a wee bit older. I'm glad you feel like we're your family, because I sure feel like you guys are mine.