Friday, November 30, 2012

the great bear adventure (washington dc)

next stop for our worldly bear: washington dc!  my little brother matty actually lives in connecticut, and his girlfriend amanda is going to med school in virginia, but they met up in dc to show the bear a patriotic good time.  and what could be more patriotic than the most phallic monument of our nation?  

sho adores matt and amanda so much - the last time they visited, she actually sobbed heartbrokenly when they left.  i don't know who is more excited to be spending the week with them this christmas, sho or me.  cannot wait!  my little bro is super-smart and funny, and we always got along pretty great as kids. (the possible exception being the time he once locked me in our shed, and when he finally opened the door i swiftly punched him in the face as hard as i could. for a terrible moment i thought i had killed him (the ol' nose bone into the brain situation) and was so horrified that i didn't even mind the subsequent fury/ass-kicking i received.  ah, the magical bond of siblings!  really though, mostly we got along great.)  i really lucked out getting him as my brother...previous story notwithstanding. and my family all adores amanda so much, and pretty much can't believe our luck that our goofy matty ever won the heart of such a beautiful, kind, smart woman.  anyway, these pictures are great.  my favorite part of this bear project might be imagining my loved ones taking so many total nutter pictures of a teddy bear in matt's case, also directly in front of a secret service agent.  thanks for being willing to look slightly crazy, you guys!  that's love.

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