Tuesday, November 27, 2012

the great bear adventure (new york city)

awhile ago, i asked shoshi what she wanted for christmas and she said, "an apple.  and a teddy bear."  pretty lofty dreams there!  because i can never do anything simple and easy like just buy my kid a stuffed animal, i came up with a rather grand idea for the teddy bear portion of her list.  i decided to make a picture book of this teddy bear's adventure from santa's workshop to shoshi.  he gets lost on the way and goes on an epic voyage around the country looking for her, asking at each stop, "are you my shoshi?"  "no," our friends reply, "but i think i know someone who might be able to find her..." and the bear is off again.  i ended up buying two identical bears, one to send to out-of-towners and one to stay here for the kalamazoo friends and family pictures.  the bear has already made five stops around the country, and the pictures from his adventures are starting to trickle in.  they are amazing!  seriously, too amazing not to share.  i can feel the love and silliness radiating from each one, and i'm so touched that shoshi's closest loved ones have all put so much effort into this goofy project of mine.  i'm excited to share some highlights from each of the bear's stops with you.  first stop...nyc!

kelsey and i have been friends since first grade, which makes her my oldest friend.  she's an amazing artist living in brooklyn now, but i'm proud to say i've known her since the days of endless stirrup pants, lisa frank stickers, and concocting elaborate potions in her family's upstairs bathroom.  we were both slightly strange kids who grew together into slightly strange teenagers, and somehow remained friends through the transformation and on into (slightly strange) adulthood.  we rented a house together (with our totally strange friend emily) our senior year of college in ann arbor and THAT was a good, weird year for sure.  she is such a dear friend to me and shoshanna, and it made me smile so much to see these pictures and imagine kelsey approaching strangers and photographing a teddy bear everywhere she went like a total nutjob.  thanks, kelso!

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  1. wow. these photos are exhibit-worthy. definitely! i love it. kelsey, you are so talented. you have a great eye and creative mind. sarah, i'm sending my less than amazing pics right now!