Wednesday, November 28, 2012

the great bear adventure (vermont)

in yesterday's post, we left shoshi's teddy bear in the bustling metropolis of new york, hopping from taxis to the subway to mopeds on his quest to find shoshi. his next stop is a tiny farm in vermont, where our friends tim and casey live in a circular house and raise chickens and grow food together. i've been friends with casey since we were fourteen, and lucky me for that, because she has a heart of gold and a great contagious enthusiasm for life. we had so many adventures involving secret lakes and road trips and mixtapes in high school together. nowadays her partnership with tim, a solidly good man, is one of those rare and shining ones that gives me hope for relationships and the world in general. and, i can say this publicly now, they're having a baby! i am beyond excited, and spent the weekend washing and folding all of sho's most memory-laden hand-me-downs, which i've painstakingly saved for the next baby in our crew. finally, sho gets a cousin! (well, pretty much. all the women who helped with this bear project are sho's adoring "aunties," making her possibly the luckiest kid in the entire world.)

anyway, when casey sent these pictures she was all, "if you don't use them i totally understand.  i had [this insanely awesome plan] and [this equally crazily amazing plan] but i had the flu the entire time we had the bear so this is what we threw together, i'm sorry."  uhh...casey you are crazy.  these pictures are so rad.  goodnight moon, a chicken, and a hot air balloon ride?  while you have influenza?  color me impressed!  i also love the contrast between the bear's nyc and vermont adventures, and of course the glimpse into both my faraway friends' lives.  thank you so much for hosting shoshi's bear, casey and tim!    


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  1. This makes me really miss Casey. Seriously, so good. I like this project. And Tim's chicken.