Monday, November 19, 2012

sick days

ach, i was doing so well with posting there for awhile!  but it's been sick times around here since last thursday, when i had a headache so bad i actually stayed home from work.  a day with my girl + horrendous migraine > work though.  then the next day, sho had a fever that by the middle of the night was so high that she was deliriously sobbing about being covered in chocolate.  "too chocowey mama, too chocowey!"  man, so cute and so so scary all at once.  fevers scare the pants off me.  sometimes literally!  and why are middle-of-the-night fevers about 200% scarier than daytime fevers?  pretty much everyone in the house was sick all weekend.  still, sick household + weekend > work.  are you sensing a theme?  i'm so grateful that there's a four-day weekend coming up, my shoshi-lovin heart really needs it right now.  anyway, i have many UNSPEAKABLY AWESOME posts coming up, but for now just wanted to check in and say hello, i'm here.  back soon.  xo  

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