Saturday, November 24, 2012


on thanksgiving we drove to my aunt and uncle's house on lake michigan.  while the turkey was cooking, sho and i snuck down to the beach for a few moments, to play in the whipping cold wind and bright sun.  sorry for the eighteen million photos, but man: winter beach shots.  they're the best.  south haven is lovely in the summer, but my favorite time of year to go is in deep howling winter to watch the ice floes bump into each other in the frozen surf by the pier.  it feels like another planet: one of the thousand reasons, big and small, that i love michigan.  my family living here is another reason, and david's family too (who are somehow still my family even without him).  i'm thankful to have spent this thanksgiving with both sides of sho's family, and even more thankful to be a part of them both myself.

but more than anything else in the world, i am so grateful to have this little buddy named shoshanna by my side.  she's my dearest little dumpling, the bravest, coolest, smartest, sweetest girl i know.  i'm so thankful that i get to be her mama.

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