Thursday, November 29, 2012

the great bear adventure (philadelphia and new orleans)

next stop, new orleans!  where my friend emily lives with her brand-new husband jon.  she also went to philly with her sister and brought the ol' bear along...he is turning into a seriously well-traveled little dude!  if only i could mail myself in a priority box for about six bucks and go to visit all these pals o' mine...i'm starting to get a bit jealous of this bear.

emily is the kind of person who always has a new, almost unbelievably crazy story to tell every time you see her.  for the first few months i knew her, i totally secretly wondered if she might be an ever-so-slightly pathological liar, because her stories were just so outlandish and hilarious (although at the end of the day i didn't really care).  but then (once i went along for the ride on a few of them), i figured out that she's just the kind of person who's up for anything, and therefore always has interesting friends and stories and insights.  she never judges either, which is one of my all-time favorite traits in a friend.  thanks for taking the bear on his first emily adventure, emilia! and double-thanks for the angsty train track shots (it HAD to be done) and the super-secret spy portrait.

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