Wednesday, November 21, 2012

matching nightgowns: oh yeah i went there

my first foray into the giant stack of flannel i bought recently was to make a big comfy nightgown for shoshi, complete with a pocket and tiny rounded pink buttons from my grandma's coffee can button stash, and of course: double-fold bias tape!  lord i love that stuff.  i'm kind of proud of this one because i invented the pattern myself.  (although let's face it, i find real patterns way too intimidating so pretty much everything i make is from some jacked-up pattern drawn by me on a cut-up brown paper bag).  i finished it over the weekend when shoshi was still pretty sick, and it was the coziest, warmest garment i could dream up to put her in.  while i was at it, i hopped on the dork train and whipped up a matching nightgown for her baby doll, complete with tiny matching headband.  i'm now about halfway through the epic pile o' flannel (the rest of the jammies will probably be christmas presents for shoshi), and am totally making a matching doll pair out of each kind of fabric.  i seriously cannot resist that tiny stitching and slightly creepy feeling of making clothing for a doll, evidently.  anyway, i snapped a few photos before i headed off to work this morning of my little mama and her baby.

i have been sewing so much for shoshi's christmas in particular lately.  after working so hard all summer to sew for strangers, it is pure joy to stay up late and make things just for my girl, with all the extra odds and ends i know she in particular will appreciate.  i'm planning on posting some pictures of what i've been working on this weekend, with links to all the good ideas i've been inspired by.  stay tuned, friends!  and have a great thanksgiving, if i don't see you before then.  xoxo

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