Tuesday, July 12, 2011

the trenches

[photo credit: dan foley]

when i think about it, i think we are in the parenting trenches. or maybe it's just all trenches from here on out? basic things like eating in peace and having enough rest are systematically routinely denied. but, strangers smile at you. a couple in their eighties smiled so dearly at us today it made me want to cry at the secretary of state. these are the best days, i thought, even though they're so hard. then sho bit a kid shortly thereafter. god she's fierce, sweet too but really fierce. i wonder who she will become.

if she was a dog, we'd be seriously considering putting her down by now.

we got a car! a black buick regal, very fine. a car after nine months of carlessness feels illicitly delicious. it really does feel like it's too good to be true. everything is so easy! i want to buy a car for every single mother carrying a baby and groceries i ever saw on the bus.  some parts of living without a car were lovely--so many adventures from walking to get there--but some parts were grindingly hard.

i'm off to fashion shoshanna the biter a necklace for her to unleash her biting impulses upon, which the internet recommended. i'm thinking some sort of knotted leather. sort of boho-chic with a splash of savage uncontrollable biting tendencies thrown in.

[photo credit: kelsey newnum]

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  1. I enjoy my carlessness! It makes groceries taste sweeter, people seem friendlier, and I get to plan on what to think about whilst on a trek. Intimately knowing a place one footfall at a time is an ownership that I have learned to respect and anticipate.

    Also, I hope your Buick is a monster machine.