Thursday, July 7, 2011

ok here we go

man when you haven't written in awhile, it is like dragging yo ass to the secretary of state.

ok, here we go. well today shoshanna mary bit a kid for the second time at playgroup (pictured above), she is now the BITER. there is really nothing like parenthood to take you down a peg or two. if i ever for a second start feeling like awwshit i got this parenting DOWN dog!--BAM! your kid starts taking two hours to get to sleep at night and is the BITER. the worst part (how to pick just one) was probably when another mother said, "not to make anybody feel bad, but i have some parenting books you can borrow if you like." or no, probably the worst part was seeing the gnarly bite on this kid's arm, right across from the still-healing bite on his other arm from last week! she was wearing tiny pigtails and a dear little red pinafore, and all the other kids went scattering in her wake.

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