Wednesday, August 10, 2011

for my own remembering

shoshanna mary at fourteen months.

her favorite and most clear word is no. "NYO!" cheerful and vaguely foreign sounding, this word has many applications in the life of shoshanna mary. do all little kids have interesting accents when they first start speaking? such a reminder that they still are newcomers to this world of ours. today she had a fever, and several times woke up whimpering mournfully, "oh nyo, oh nyooo!" heartbreak city man.

she has a serious nod, slow and measured. when i turn on the car and music comes on, i look back and find her nodding solemnly in approval. she also nods when i give her a particularly delicious food. her favorite foods are watermelon, berries, and meat. she has a sweet tooth like her papa.

she is generous and likes to share the various things i give her throughout the day--a grape tomato, an interesting flower, a chunk of corn on the cob--with the dogs and cat, to varying degrees of appreciation. she rests her head tenderly on the dogs, cat, and once a stone lawn ornament of a boy fishing, her little fanny sticking out dearly behind her.

her tantrums--mostly concerning thwarted plans--are epic, throwing herself to the ground dramatically, head flailing behind her. it is difficult and also strangely wonderful to have entered a new kind of crying, a kind you're supposed to ignore. how liberating it is to just walk away, to not involve myself in the relief of this tiny person's fury. i look forward to the day when this vast determination can be applied to some use besides the pulling of dishes off tables, trying to open various cupboards and drawers of doom, and eating dog food.

there is not much better than the dancing of a very tiny one year old. or, probably any one year old. this kid is tiny though, fifth percentile, but walks and even runs these days with authority and attitude. and yet she's so small, it really looks like it shouldn't be happening. so with the dancing, she's got some pretty good rhythm, and is always willing to bust a move. occasions to dance include but are certainly not limited to: cell phone ring tones, commercial jingles, the bacon sizzling sound effect on her play kitchen. she prefers funk, rap, and soul, especially that 60's beehive hairdo soul. so pretty much anything with backup singers and hand claps. we are very encouraging of the dancing situation. she waggles her neck around a lot, wiggles her fanny, and kind of hops up and down, and we clap and clap.

this fourteen month description would not be complete without mention of the waving. usually double-handed, not so much limp-wristed as hinge-wristed, usually accompanied by a proud and beaming smile. david and i wave this way at each other sometimes, and it looks as if there is almost too much collective wave to handle. sho, an outgoing person, has recently discovered the utilization of the wave in the direction of strangers can have a desired and often predictable outcome, most often a returned wave accompanied by laughter, "why hello!" and "aren't you cute..." all of this is very much to her liking, and so right now she is what could be called an over-waver. if anyone in conversation says anything resembling a greeting, including high or buy, she waves dutifully. our unfortunate waitress yesterday was the recipient of about thirty sho waves, each one more sincere and beaming than the last.

our little chichi monster, we adore you so.

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