Monday, November 22, 2010

ask the audience

1. tomorrow is sho's six month birthday, which means that (according to the world health organization) it is officially kosher to feed your baby solid foods. we've given the little rascally one tastes of the food on our plates, but that's about it. i think tomorrow i should present sho with an official "first meal," complete with hat, speeches, and picture-taking. any ideas on what a new human's first meal on the planet should consist of?

2. i'm trying to make almost all the christmas presents i give this year, which i really hope ends up being more you-couldn't-find-this-awesome-in-a-store and less glitter-on-a-popsicle stick. i have ideas for almost everyone and have even finished some people's presents already. i readily confess that ma ingalls is my total inspiration for this endeavor. anyway, i'm really stuck on handmade men's presents. all i can think of are barbeque aprons, which i think might be one of the many men's gift ideas that only a woman would come up with. does anyone out there have any suggestions?

love, sarah


  1. hi sarita, several things come to mind. for starters, most of the men i know love bbq and hot sauce. nothing says love quite like a customized hot sauce in a funky bottle with a cute message (perhaps a picture of the baby on the bottle?)
    another gift idea: i made my dad a kit (complete with a glu gun) and instructions on how to make a corkboard out of wine corks. but the tray i used for the kit was not home-made.
    gift ideas are hard, espesh for men specimens.

  2. Quilts nigga. They last forever...real talk