Thursday, November 25, 2010

happy thanksgiving

exciting news! david's mom gave us our christmas present early...a new camera! it is orange, fancy, and beauuutiful. picture quality around here is about to explode!

i am thankful for pretty much one million things in my life everyday. in-laws i adore, shoshi mary, butter, treehouses, mr hughes that foxy husband of mine, my family, squash, books, green curry, fwiends, rain, and last but NOT least, our new orange camera. lucky duckster, that's me.


  1. what a sweet post. how'd little sho like her first thnxgiving? she's cute in the above photo...i must say i like where u're going w/ the new camera..
    jon and i had a lo-key thanksgiving. we made dinner together in about 1 hour total: praise be vegan thanksgiving! green bean caserole in a "cream of mushroom" imitation, roasted squash, cranberry, cashew stuffing, and my fave pumpkin coconut soup.
    i guess you're probably out and about, bout to head to crossroads mall for black friday? jk.

  2. sarah! blogworld! hm. i dunno but i got wordpress instead of blogspot...its like LJ is back! me:

    i cant wait to snuggle with you and sho when i come home for xmas. we should take a little trip somewhere for a day. sleeping on your pillow every nite and using your various custom bags every day. sveh in my life day + nite! xo

  3. Hey let's see more of those photos of that cute little babe, and that ultra hot mama and papa.

    Wanna hang out this Saturday and craft at my house maybe? Bring a baby, make some baked goods with a couple of other gals around, do the whole card thing if you want...

    Love you thanks for the tasty treats, vacation was a hit!