Tuesday, February 14, 2012

thoughts of a single married woman, on valentine's day

well, as brutal as this first valentine's day is, at least i don't have to spent it with david! HEY-OH!

oh my. well, i baked 40 heart-shaped cookies (frosted in pink) at my bakery job, of my own volition, and wore red today, which i consider a triumph over my own bitterness. i do adore valentine's day, and always have. all those elementary-school cereal-box valentine's mailboxes, parsing the snoopy and scooby-doo meijers valentines for clues as to the senders' true intentions... what's not to love about love? though i did feel like punching everyone in the face today, just a little. oh, the speeches i compose, to david and his new girl, in my head as i chop walnuts or violently carve away at the blocks of raw sugar at work. but, they are fading away more and more in my mind, filed away in the good riddance/poor bastard sector, leaving so much lovely blank space waiting to be filled with....

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