Saturday, September 8, 2012

the first day of fall

ever since i was little, i have taken note of the first day of each season.  not according to the calendar (march 20th, for example, generally still feels like deep, howling winter in michigan), but according to how it feels in your bones.  this morning when sho and i took my mom's dog for a walk, the nip in the air made me feel like galloping down the street.  blasted eternal summer, you have met thine match!  fall is in the air, finally.

to add to the delicious crispness and feel of autumn in the air, my dad emptied out the pool today to get it ready for winter (when it will be covered with a hideous grey tarp for eight months).  this is a total fall event, which my little brother and i always celebrated by racing boats and twigs in the water that was pumped out of the pool and down the street.  sho experienced this tradition for the first time today, another strange sharing a childhood home with your child moment.

to cap it all off, shoshanna wore her first pair of cool-weather jammies to bed tonight, which i had to commemorate with a picture.  while i was taking said picture, someone set off a firecracker a block over, and i took about ten photos of her extremely dramatic and drawn-out reaction, full of arched eyebrows and gasping and shocked pointing.  my mom and i kept looking at them afterward, oh man so funny.  i don't know where that girl gets her dramatic streak (oh wait, i know exactly where), but man it's a treat to behold.  (except when it's not.)

welcome, fall!  you've always been my favorite.

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  1. I am so excited for fall to finally be here! It arrived here in TN today as well. So wonderful.

  2. I really dig all your pictures. No fair having a cute kid doing cute kid things all the time.