Friday, September 14, 2012

sew vs. consume

for the most part, i am content with the things i have.  i've found that the best accessory for anyone with an income like mine is a sense of satisfaction with the non-material aspects of life; otherwise you will go crazy with wanting.

that said, the second most important accessory for the broke is a sewing machine.  because as thankful as i am that my teensy budget precludes me from getting too materialistic, i also love clothes, and styling things in interesting ways, and playing around with colors and textures, especially for kiddos.  i'm not gonna lie, sometimes i do dream about being able to buy more of the fabulous fashions i see and am inspired by.  it is a real struggle for me at times not to get caught up in the consumption and materialism of our culture.

i recently stumbled across these pants, and i was instantly smitten.  they'd be so cozy and awesome for shoshi all winter long!  this is embarrassing, but i actually spent a couple of days feeling all bummed out that i couldn't afford a seventy dollar pair of sweatpants for my kid.  (honestly, my budget would cringe a little at a pair of toddler sweatpants one-tenth of that price.)  then i got pissed.  how is it okay to charge that much for a pair of toddler pants?  more importantly, how is it okay for me to wish i could pay that much for a pair of toddler pants?

so i decided to make my own.  i got out some fabric last night that i'd thrifted and been saving since last winter, and busted out a pair in less than an hour.  (in the midst of this whirlwind of festival preparations, no less!  talk about crazypants.)  everything but the elastic was thrifted, total cost about $3.  and they turned out awesome: so warm and cozy, so rad.  i actually like them a lot better than the original apple-pants of my eye, and best of all, i didn't have to buy into the consumption machine that is churning ever-so-seductively all around us, all the time.  another win for sewing!

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  1. Those pants are amazing! I'd buy them on etsy if you ever decide to make more and sell them. I recently came across your blog via top baby blogs and I'm smitten with the world you're documenting and creating. I have no idea who you are, but I grew up in Kalamazoo and your blog tugs at my heart in so many ways :) very inspiring!

  2. ahh sarah, i can really relate to the need to remind myself that happiness really comes from experiences, not things, and to savor time/life. i love the pants you created! they are adorable.

  3. First of all, I think it's bullshit that a lot of companies think it's ok to charge that much for something that is going to end up coated in poop, slime and random food drippings. Second, your pants are WAY better.

  4. gah! best tiny sweatpants ever. not exaggerating. much cuter than the ones for $70. I would totally buy those if you made them on your etsy.

  5. i believe you are breaking copyright by taking the photo of the original expensive pants. she has copyright on all of her photos.

    1. oh wow, thanks a lot for letting me know! that was definitely not my intent. i thought that as long as you linked to the source, it was ok to use photos from other websites. my mistake, i'm removing it now. :)