Thursday, September 27, 2012

out on the town (sorta)

we did another art fair yesterday at the old dog tavern in kalamazoo.  i met some of my best friends there, in high school and back when it was the kraftbrau, at this impromptu comedy night i used to go to.  it's been years since i've been there and it was pretty great to see that the place is still going strong, ridiculously potholed parking lot and all.  there's something so kalamazoo about that spot, with its crooked different-sized doors, scarred wood floors and random nooks and crannies, and years and years worth of paint and photographs layering the walls.  the building is really narrow and right next to the train tracks, so when a train thunders past, the entire building rattles and you have to yell to be heard above the roaring whistle.  it's the kind of place that made me finally fall in love with the midwest, hard.  

the setup yesterday was outside, along this brick walkway with a big garden on one side and the curving railroad tracks on the other.  sho joined us for a few hours, then my mom came by to pick her up and put her to bed.  it was one of only a handful of times that i've been out after sho's bedtime since becoming a single mama, and it was really fun, especially once it got dark and only the yellow glow of lanterns lit the little avenue.  i was just talking with my counselor (oh yeah i got one!  i kinda think everyone should) about how isolating it is to have a young one and have to stay home with her every single night.  i've been a hardcore homebody for the past year, and i think it's time to start breaking out of that a little.  so, last night was a good start.  and a lot more profitable than our last festival, too!  i bought a few little gifts for people, including the amazing monster below for sho-girl.  (the etsy shop of the woman who made it is here, no monsters up but i know she has some really amazing ones of all sizes and fabriques available.)  its mouth is a deep pocket and the ears, tongue, and fingers are filled with these little pebbly things that are rather nice to fondle.  and it doubles as a pillow (with pocket) which is pretty much sho's jam.  we'll see if i can hold off until christmas to give it to her...        

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  1. the dog and the trousers are amazing! I voted for you x