Monday, September 24, 2012

long-sleeved gratitude

 one of the many fun parts about having a little one is that they're always growing.  so with each change of season, you get to totally reinvent their wardrobe!  for some reason, fall snuck up on me a bit this year (probably because i started to believe that summer would nevvvvverr enddd) and so all of a sudden there i was, staring vacantly into sho's closet for long minutes at a time, wondering what to clothe this little dumpling of mine in, exactly.

that's where my mom came in.  over the past week we've hit nearly every thrift store and consignment shop in town (total exaggeration), and wham bam!  sho's closet is pretty much stocked and ready for winter, thank you ma'am.  in this and so many other ways, my mom is my partner when it comes to raising shoshi.  she is the one i talk to about the sleep book i just read, or glance over to smile with when sho is being funny or straight-up maddening.  she is the one who changes more of her dirty diapers than anyone else, who gets up with her in the morning and gives her a kiss before bed.  she is the one i can count on to help me fill sho's closet with warm clothes.  i am so grateful, for her and for all the other people who help raise this little girl of ours.  between my mom and dad, shoshi's other grandparents, all my friends (sho's many loving aunties) and extended family, and her papa, we are both just so lucky.

p.s. i just learned that the stats on top baby blogs have been reset, so your vote is real appreciated!  thanks so much for reading, it really does mean a lot.

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