Wednesday, September 19, 2012

harvest fest

the best way to describe harvest fest for us this year is that it suffered from a bit of christmas syndrome. we looked forward to it so long, and worked so hard in preparation for it, that even a lovely fall day filled with oxen and old friends and $5 malaysian food for breakfast just somehow fell a little short. out of all the festivals we're doing this year, this one isn't very "shopping" oriented. we had a lot of people say they loved our stuff, but didn't bring any money along; we sold a lot of little $5 hair clips and $3 lip balms. most of the time, i think the phrase "in this economy," is the most boring and lame thing ever, but especially in michigan where the economy is particularly bad right now, you sometimes really do feel it.  it can get discouraging for sure.

still, it was a good day.  we're pretty much set for all our upcoming fairs and festivals, which feels awesome.  sho and i rode on a horse-drawn wagon, and her little buddy zaiyanna taught her some spanish names for various farm animals, which she is still saying days later.  caballo! vacas!  (after much searching, yesterday i called the closest thing i could find to a toddler spanish language class in our area and begged them to take shoshi, even though she's a year too young.  still waiting to hear the verdict...)  we also did some hula-hoopin' and sho acquired some pink whiskers, which i think would be her ideal everyday face if possible.  

it was a bit strange, because last year's harvest fest was one of the last things we did together as a family, and i remember everything about that day so clearly.  neesy and i were marveling at how shocked our year-ago selves would be, had they known what our lives would be like a year later.  it's been an incredibly hard year, but we've come out so happily on the other side, finally.  which reminds me, reader question time!  i've been reading a ton of bedtime stories to sho lately, and it makes me wince how many freakin' stories feature regular families with a mom and a dad.  do y'all know of any good picture books with single-mom type families?  i know it's not like sho's never going to notice that she doesn't have a regular family, but all this endless talk about papas just feels a bit painful (to me, anyway).  i'll write a post about my favorites after doing some research on this one, for all you single-mama bedtime story readers out there...
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(top photo by our neesy, second photo by her step-dad!)

p.s. we were so excited to be featured in the lovely UK blog tigerlily quinn the other day!  it was such a fun thrill to see our work roaming the streets of london.  fritha and her little family are the total sweetest; i always enjoy taking a peek into their lives across the sea.  


  1. Hi from Windsor. Sorry about the slow sales. We received our lotion and my two girls said I am not allowed to take it to work as I planned since it smells "too good!" Thanks so much.

    Hugs from Canada, Shauna

    1. hi shauna, hooray! i'm so glad the lotion arrived, and that everyone in the family is getting some good use out of it! it really lasts a long time, we gave out those jars for a lot of christmas presents last year, and people are just now returning their jars and asking for more. hope it brings you guys just a lil bit of sunshine during the long canadian winter ahead...
      love, sarah

  2. I know there's a lot of children's books featuring single moms and non-traditional families, but only a couple of them come to mind at the moment:

    Everywhere Babies, by Susan Meyers. I love that the families pictures in this book are all sorts of combinations and ethnicities (and that the adults all look tired!)

    A Chair for My Mother, by Vera B. Williams. A great story about a single mom household and about getting through hard times with the support of family. It might be a little advanced for a toddler but the pictures are really bright and fun.

    I just wanted to say that I really enjoy reading your blog. I found it by chance a couple months ago and now I follow it regularly. I'm a first-time mama to a 10-month-old girl and it makes me feel less alone to know there are other moms out there with similar worries and ideas and goals for parenting; that we're all just trying to become stronger in the midst of difficulties and to create a little more magic for our babies.

    Best wishes from Lindsae in Washington State

    1. hi lindsae, thanks so much for your thoughtful comment! i remember reading "a chair for my mother" years ago but forgot all about it. can't wait to check these out. thank you for the suggestions and for the kind words. love to you and your little one!

  3. New to the you have an online shop where I can buy some of your goodies? I am loving the baby Michigan onesies shown below and the booty balm.

    1. hi lindsay, thanks a lot for your interest! i should've included a link in this post. our shop is at, although it's a little slim right now - we've made a TON more things than are up right now for the festival season, and are working on photographing and posting them all this week. so if you think of it, check back in a week, and we'll have lots of michigan onesies and the booty balm up! thanks so much again!