Monday, September 17, 2012

behind the scenes

one of my favorite parts of this little business of ours is all the design work, the packaging and presentation of all our odds and ends.  my dream job (besides working with books & people) would be doing this all day, running back and forth between the xerox machine and my bottle of rubber cement and the paper cutter.  punching paper circles, knotting thread onto safety pins, choosing the wording of signs and the size of their borders, coordinating colors and the spacing of the letters being stamped and printed...the list is pretty much as never-ending as you want it to be.  it's the pleasure of doing something that comes naturally to you, i think.  the pieces slide magically into place, your hands doing the work right alongside your brain figuring it out.

things got a little crazy toward the end, tying up all the dozens of loose ends before our sunday morning festival deadline, but i'm kind of a last-minute girl so it was pretty fun.  sara and vanessa and i spent one evening glued to our rubber cement bottles, affixing all the labels onto our body products as shoshi hollered out answers to one of those interactive kids' tv shows.  ("some dinosaurs were small, and some dinosaurs were...."  sho: "TINY!"  "that's right, big!  and some dinosaurs had long..."  sho: "EARS!"  "that's right, tails!")  the night before the big event, my mom helped tie and loop so many of those tags late into the night; she really is the best mama ever.

i'll share some photos of the festival itself tomorrow!

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  1. Oh sarah, i sure miss my arts and crafts time with you. i wish that was my job, too. but i wish i had a copier and printer in my own home, so i could do everything in my pajamas.
    good luck on sunday, girl!
    p.s. i told jon i wished i could have stayed home on rosh hashana to celebrate, and he said, 'yeah, i think the ancient tradition was to celebrate by spending hours on pinterest.'

  2. Wow, you do a beautiful job. I think it would be my dream job, too!