Wednesday, August 15, 2012

young, old, and in-between

for some reason, i didn't think much beforehand about what it was going to be like, living under the same roof with my daughter, my parents, and my ninety year old grandma. although my grandma has been living in other cities with her two daughters since last fall, shoshi was immediately obsessed with her upon her arrival yesterday.  she kept following her to her bedroom and pushing me out, saying "no no no mama, just me and gwamma," then shutting the door firmly in my face.  oh, okay.  she asks my grandma for a ride on her walker approximately every five minutes, and whenever she finds something of interest, whispers to herself, "show gwamma....GWAMMA! GWAMMA!"  i imagine that after my aunt's serene home on the shore of lake michigan, this has all come as a bit of a jolt to my grandma, but when shoshi climbed up onto her lap last night to watch the evening news with her, i think she was pretty psyched about that part, anyway.

when you think about it, it's strange the way all of the generations are so segregated in this culture of ours.  we spend the vast majority of our childhoods in classrooms with children who are the exact same age, while our parents work with others roughly their own age.  the elders are, for the most part, sentenced to live in homes with other old folks.  it seems like we could all have a far richer experience by mingling the ages a little more, younguns learning from elders -- on a daily basis, not just thanksgiving and christmas.  after all, that's how humans have lived for many thousands of years, up until a mere hundred years ago or so.  i don't know, we're only one day into this whole four-generational home thing, but for now i am so grateful that shoshi is having this experience of living with her grandparents and great-grandma, all at once. 
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  1. This is so wonderful! I love that she's getting that opportunity too! That photo of her getting a ride on the walker has me laughing pretty hard. So sweet!

  2. This is just adorable :). Love it!

  3. I would be of that mind also. Our grandparets knew how to bulid things that last back then, they knew how to survive. I lived with my grandmother for a few years while I took care of her. The time I spent with her I learned more through her eyes and wisdom, then at any other time. I think it is awesome that your daughter gets to spend this precious time with her grandmother.