Tuesday, August 14, 2012


yesterday was the day to wash my grandma's car inside and out and return it to her, beginning my new life as a real live car owner.  i just got it registered and plated at the secretary of state this morning and cannot wait to drive that glorious goddess of a car into the sunset.  maybe i need a name for the ol' beaut, any suggestions?

anyway, the cleaning process was a little rough, as it was rainy and cold out and i had a bad headache (wah wahhh, first world problems), but my little trouper of a kiddo was totally down to help.  she sprayed the carpets and scrubbed them, washed the hubcaps and even started scrubbing the driveway on her hands and knees once she was done with the rest.  i started thinking about all the chores that my brother and i had to do when we were kids, which always felt like a lot more than what our friends had to do.  i'm glad about all those hours of yard work and laundry now, because i learned something fairly important.  if you're doing something that kind of sucks (raking endless leaves, i'm looking at you), it is totally a good move to not bitch about it, even in your own head.  by flushing out all those grumbly thoughts, you're making it a lot easier for the good ones to fill their place...to really feel the crisp fall air and cornflower-blue sky, the capable pull of muscles working hard, the splintery wood of the rake handle against your palm.  and as a bonus, you don't feel like a total brat while doing it.  it was interesting to me that sho didn't have to work at this happy work philosophy, she was just straight-up delighted to be washing a car by hand in the cold rain.  maybe it's a byproduct of that toddler live-in-the-moment zen thing, who knows.

i just hope shosh hangs on to her cheerful work ethic...if only because she's going to be an awesome little slave to have around.  her only word of complaint toward the end was, "shoshi cold!"  (maybe if you hadn't insisted on removing your rainboots and hoodie...)  so we went inside, took a warm bubble bath and got in our coziest jammies, and cuddled up together watching "mr. tickle."  (i don't even know.)  it was about a hundred times (approx) better to relax so luxuriously after working hard together.  it's the little things, i tell you.

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