Thursday, August 2, 2012

where we'll be

yesterday was sara's birthday (not my friend sara with the husband and the cancer, but my other sara), so we went over to celebrate with her last night.  (one nice thing about shoshanna is that when there's a birthday, she sees it as everyone's birthday, so she went around wishing us all a happy bir-day all night long.)  shoshi and i will be moving in with this birthday-sara soon, and it was amazing to see her house transformed after all the construction that's been going down there lately.  when you walk in the front door, it's all just one vast room and kitchen, with gleaming wood floors and bright, warm lighting.  it feels good there.

that top photo is sho peeking out of the bedroom that might be ours (still deciding), into the main room.  the picture with the hand and the chopsticks is of pickled kohlrabi (good!) and sara wanted me to tell you (in the interest of internet honesty) that it took three shots with the camera to get it right.  bloggers are dorks, man.  as for the chickens, sara has two of those pretty ladies living in her backyard, with more on the way!  i have always really wanted shoshanna to grow up with a good and close understanding of where her food comes from, and to help as much as possible in the process of bringing it from the land to the table, so i am pretty happy about this chicken business.  needless to say, sho's psyched as well.

alongside the excitement over our move has also come a lot of sadness about leaving my parents' house, and guilt about uprooting sho from the familiar (and then doing it all over again, when we eventually move into a place just our own).  visiting sara's house yesterday made me feel a lot better about everything.  although it was still nice to come home to my mama and give shoshanna a late-night sink bath together.  i will miss those moments a lot.

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  1. Shoshi and chickens is like the cutest thing ever. I can't wait to see her reaction to the chicks! Also, that is just a beautiful kohlrabi shot :)

  2. Lots of luck on the move!

    I have always dreamt of having my own chickens. They are beautiful!