Sunday, August 12, 2012

the fair

yesterday afternoon, neesy and i took shoshi to the kalamazoo county fair, which we all loved. it was decided that one afternoon of fair per year is exactly enough fair.  although, i do have an ongoing fascination with the nomadic lifestyle of fair vendors and carnies. i'd read that ethnography any day! anyhow, the goats were less satanic than i remembered, and shoshi was awed by her first up-close inspection of horses.  me too, horses are BIG!  (this has been deep thoughts by sarah v.)  also i am officially such a parent that i no longer care how dorky it is to take numerous pictures of your kid eating ice cream and feeding goats in public.  

shoshi continues to be a fearless little person.  the three of us have been finagling our way onto ferris wheels since before sho could walk (even though she's still not quite tall enough officially), and she has never shown an iota of fear, unlike her mother. we pointed to the most terrifying ride there, a horrible contraption that whips around in circles while also hurtling back and forth through the sky, and asked sho if she wanted to ride it. "yes," she answered matter-of-factly. our little shorty couldn't ride any of the rides yet (not even the one called "bear affair," which kept cracking me up and consisted of large bears in coveralls and tiny caps, cavorting their passengers merrily to and fro. it's a bear affair, got it?)

the great thing about the fair is that even when you have regrets, such as why on earth didn't i get a delicious elephant ear? WHY?, you can take some consolation in knowing that there's always next year.  who knows, maybe by then our little half-pint will be big enough to master...the bear affair!

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  1. SARAH I read this last night on my itty bitty phone that doesn't show pictures, and it was so fun to read and then TODAY it is so fun to look at those photos. What an amazing cloudy fair day! I feel inspired about life just looking at yours.

  2. Hi, I'm your newest follower! Love these pictures, fairs are so much fun, Chloe just went to her first fair in July and seemed to really like it! Her daughter is adorable by the way!

    1. hi jennifer, thanks a lot for reading! (and writing, too!)