Monday, August 27, 2012

surgery day

these pictures are from a little celebration we had for sara on friday, a bon voyage party before her twelve-hour mastectomy surgery today.  twelve hours!  today!  i have butterflies in my stomach, and they're not the fun kind.  if you think of it, could you keep her in your thoughts today?  

i know i already posted about their fundraiser, but man, if you had a friend who was this kind and just so worth it, you'd get all annoying about it too.  the cancer has already rung up a $16,000 bill that sara and her husband just don't have.  not cool, cancer.  you shouldn't have to worry about suddenly having that much debt when you're also worried about your survival, you know?  so i'm throwing this link out there because i know that sara would donate to your cause -- she really is that kind of ridiculously generous person.  it would be cool to give her a surprise that doesn't suck upon waking up tonight, like some added help toward their wildly stressful medical bills.

the girl above is brittany cutie, and she is the funniest cat around.  when she moved to seattle, kalamazoo got 22% less funny.  she's back in town for two weeks and has a drawin' date with shoshanna mary, whom i suspect may have inherited britt's mad art skills.  i predict shoshi's skills drawing kitties, poop, and "shrunken daddies with wigs on" are about to go through the roof!  

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