Friday, August 10, 2012


my grandma is moving in to my parents' house on tuesday, which means we'll have four generations in one house!  in other words, my parents are saints.  i have a list of things i need to buy before moving out and into the arms of having zero money to spare, so we'll be holding off on our move for a few more pay cycles.  computer, contacts, car insurance oh my!  so we've begun the work of consolidating all of sho's and my stuff from two bedrooms into one.  although my knee is bruised and my clothes now reside in the entryway coat closet, it is a nice change of scenery for sho and me to be sleeping in the other bedroom, the one i grew up in.  when i was a kid, i was obsessed with moving the furniture around in my room every month or so.  i loved the way a freshly rearranged room felt, like you'd stepped into an entirely new life where the possibilities were endless.  i had a huge packet of glow in the dark stars, and every time i moved my bed, i painstakingly applied new stars to the ceiling above by sticking them on my finger one by one and jumping up to smack them in place.  over the course of years, i managed to cover the ceiling pretty thoroughly with those tiny glow in the dark stars.  then i moved away and promptly forgot all about it.

last night, after working nonstop on getting us settled in our new room, both of us finally bathed and pajamaed, we got under our clean new sheets and turned out the light.  rain was falling steadily on the thirsty earth, and i had that great freshly-rearranged-room feeling straight from my childhood.  all of a sudden shoshi gasped.  "ohhhhhh!  mama!  mama, look!  stars!"  she was in awe.  it was a pretty amazing display of glow in the dark prowess, if i do say so myself, magnified by the fact that she's never seen them before and therefore may or may not have believed they were actual stars.  (oh, to know exactly what goes on in a two-year old's head...)  it was such a lovely moment, like a gift from my kid-self to my daughter, all clean and cozy in bed with the rain pattering outside.  sometimes as a parent, you work pretty hard for those "ohhhh!" moments, like the toy kitchen for christmas i'm already saving for and sewing felt food for after she goes to sleep.  how great it is, when those moments just happen along unexpectedly, no scrimping or premeditation required?

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p.s. the winner of the native home crown giveaway, as chosen by, is...comment number 2, lindsay!  congratulations lindsay, email to follow.  thanks for reading everyone!


  1. GASP! Yay!!! Thank you so much! :)

    1. hooray, you're welcome! i can't find your email address anywhere on the google account, which is weird and probably there somewhere, but would you mind emailing me when you get a chance? thanks lindsay!

  2. I totally remember those stars.....

  3. Oh I remember covering my room in stars and glowing planets! How fun. :)

    aaaand I am giving you a blog award!

  4. i wanna hear more about this amazing kitchen!!!!