Thursday, August 16, 2012

sno-cones & cancer

this morning was one of those awful working-mother moments when it was time for me to leave and shoshanna kept sobbing, "pwease mama, don't leave me! stay, pwease!"  yup, that is officially the worrrrrrst.  i've felt a little off all day.  the worst part is that she's not old enough to really understand that i'm not off gallivanting round town having the time of my life when i'm gone all day, that this separation is something that i'm doing for us.  it doesn't even really make sense to me, so how is she supposed to get it?

i don't know.  there are always the good things though, like how yesterday shoshi had her first ice cream truck experience when my friend sara and i took her to the park.  and then how she just wanted to eat sara's apple instead. and the way she skinned her knee really hard and was a total badass about it.  and definitely when she started chasing the seagulls and trying to catch them, but like really seriously trying to catch them.

and then there's also how sara's having a mastectomy in eleven days, so it's pretty beside the point to worry about much else right now.  i don't really know what the words are yet, to talk about the cancer and mastectomy of your dear and hilarious friend of twenty-one years, who is only seven years older than that.  everything else seems small.

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  1. Thank you for not including the eyes of the ice cream man. There are enough eyes on those creepy popsicles!

  2. Sarah, I think this is lovely and I feel lucky to be mentioned. It's a special thing you've got here. Also, everything else still matters just as much as it ever has.
    Rosie, your comment made me laugh. aloud. no joke.

  3. I am soooooooooo enjoying your thoughts and words Sarah. I have always loved and admired you for many sound reasons....always will aunt m