Tuesday, August 28, 2012

party girl

my parents had a party for all their neighbors on sunday, where i learned that i am not much of a party girl these days. (although i really adore all of my parents' neighbors.  they are an awesome part of sho's life in particular.)  sho, however, is enough of a party girl for the two of us.  she even drank pop for the first time in her life (that i know of, that is - who knows what she gets up to with those squirrely grandparents of hers).  my favorite part of the party was probably whipping up a little party dress for sho during the hour that she napped right beforehand.  i adore the fabric of that skirt!  (if you like it too, i have a few monsters in the shop made from it.)

my friend sara's surgery went well.  i was talking to rosie about it late last night (the surgery wasn't over until almost midnight) and we agreed that the strangest part of the day was that sara was unconscious for all of it.  such a super smart and thoughtful person, she would've had tons of opinions about what was happening to her and all the outpouring of love and support from people during the day and she was just...out.  anesthesia is a strange thing.  life is a strange thing.  is mercury in retrograte or something?  today has been bananas.

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  1. So sorry your friend is going through that. Will the double mastectomy basically cure her of the cancer?