Friday, August 17, 2012


i went to the university of michigan for college, and after my boyfriend michael and i went our separate ways and moved out of our awesomely tiny little apartment with big storefront windows, i lived in an old house with my friends emily and kelsey for our senior year.  it was good times.  emily and i started a zine project called zeitgeist, with about twenty contributing teams from almost as many states, wherein everyone made a zine within the same seven-day period and mailed a copy to each contributor.  it was quite awesome.  below are polaroids of emily and i up late finishing our submission, circa 2006.  

i don't remember the exact words i used when writing the introduction to our zine, but it was something along the lines of: "emily can most often be found wearing elegant cashmere sweaters with xxl basketball shorts, moroccan necklaces and ratty white sneakers."  she would make these elaborate gourmet meals with imported spices one night, and eat a box of cocoa puffs out of an old cool-whip container the next.  she is a whole pile of fun, and often sends me great packages full of books and her latest crazy craft projects and long letters written in her characteristic cursive scrawl.

emilia lives in new orleans now, and is getting married to her perfect-for-her man jon in october, so she's back in town this weekend for her bridal shower and so i can help plan her wedding (psyched! i pretty much looove planning weddings).  i'm always so happy when she (and our other roomate kelso, too) are back in town.  so is shoshi, evidently, who kept chanting "em-ly, em-ly, EM-LY!" the whole way over to her house last night.  it was good to see that nothing has changed.  she wore this gorgeous silky red dress topped with an enormous u of m hoodie, and made us oven-roasted salmon with kale-and-pesto pasta, which she insisted on serving in green tupperware containers from 1987 which she called our  "troughs."    ah, em-ly.  it's good to have you back.

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  1. Looove your descriptions and characterizations! Are these people like Emily really real?! They would make great characters in a sarcastic, great, fun indie dramedy from ca 1997. Would totally watch. Ah, I wish I hadn't spent my college day so crazy (like Bell Jar crazy, not rock'n'roll crazy) so I'd still know some cool peeps from that time...looking forward to "meeting" more of your life's cast and crew!