Monday, August 13, 2012

a quick project

every sunday, sho's grandma leslie takes her for the afternoon.  it's the only block of time i have to myself all week, so i look forward to it a lot and then invariably end up missing her terribly and run around the entire time thinking to myself, "i should be doing something better with this precious time!  aghhh!"  it's good to know she's always off having a great, donut-filled time though.
with grandma leslie
this weekend, i decided to give myself a break from sewing for the shop and just sew whatevah i want.  it was heavenly.  i made a boatload of felt food, drew up some patterns for toddler slippers, and bought the fabric i'll need to make christmas gifts for sho's cousins.  (i'm on a total christmas rampage lately, trying to get everything made by thanksgiving so i can actually enjoy the month of december this year.  when you try to make all your christmas gifts, december's the worst.  and it should be the best!)  anyway, shoshi was due back in a half hour or so when i got the idea to whip up a silky-soft pillow with a pocket hidden inside for her.  that kid has never really been into any of the blankets or stuffed animals i've made for her, but she does love a good pocket.  here's what i came up with:

i used a small pillow i made awhile ago for her daycare nap mat (an old flannel baby blanket sewn together and stuffed with an ex-pillow) and made the pillowcase out of a silky material that was the toga portion of sho's medusa halloween costume last year.  i sewed a silky blanket edging (you can find it in the bias tape section at fabric stores) along one edge.  to make the pocket, i sewed two little squares of fabric together (right sides together), leaving one end open, then turned it right-side out.  (this way the pocket is more finished-looking on the inside, plus i didn't need to fold over and iron all the edges of the fabric before sewing the pocket on.)  i used a little of the silky blanket binding to edge the unfinished top of the pocket.  then i just sewed the pocket-and-edging onto the wrong side of the pillow, right up against the silky edging so the pocket kind of blended in.  voila!  c'est fait!  shoshi loved it.  man, it might be my favorite kind of sewing, making something cozy for my girl to cuddle up with.

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  1. so adorable!!! i love love love the last photo. but i do wish it was sully instead of the cat!

  2. hah! love! love that she is putting her pacifier or whatev you ladies call it, in the pocket for safe keeping. also love that you reused material to make, those are the best gifts.

  3. Little kitty, she's one of the generations, too!