Tuesday, December 7, 2010

getting portraity

how i missed you! many apologies for my sudden disappearance. our internet was turned off, but now it's back in business. sometimes i sure feel poor, but then i look across the backyard at our neighbors whose roof consists of a giant blue tarp (in december), and suddenly feel utterly rich. who couldn't feel that way, with the little buckets of love pictured above in our house all the time?  

vanessa and i set up a little portrait studio in our living room recently to immortalize the chunky, bald-headed greatness that is shoshanna mary at seven months. it was pretty fancy. we used two sheets, some bright painting lights, and of course, two black pitbull-ish doggies who are shoshi's best friends to date. vanessa borrowed her stepdad's fancy camera and took these.

can you believe what a little dumpling she is?

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