Tuesday, August 17, 2010

just like a prayer you know i'll take you there

sometimes our girl has a real hard time falling asleep. she turns into a wicked wild thing (which i secretly love) and fights sleep kicking and screaming till the gruesome end. this will be v charming when she's a toddler! as her mama it is my top job to help escort her into sleep. it usually involves a finely tuned assortment of pacing, pacifier, jiggling, calm "vibes," rocking, soothing words, and swinging (all at once, obv). but the one thing that really never fails is madonna's "like a prayer." it must truly sound "like angels sighing" to our girl because it knocks her right out.

recently david was presented with a poster of madonna in the nude by a friend of his whose girlfriend had moved in, you know how that goes. before seeing the poster i proposed that we hang it above our bed. we were both excited about this prospect. but then david brought it home and it was just too classy! i thought it was going to be a TITSTITSTITS poster with MADONNA in big letters across the top, but it was actually a very tastefully done little portrait and somehow that made it unacceptable for placement above our bed. it's complicated. instead we put it in sho's room because we decided that she is probably the biggest tits man of all in this house.

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