Friday, July 30, 2010

friendly neighbors

we live on a quiet street with about six houses on one side and a factory on the other. we are friendly with all our neighbors, but david is especially friendly with the guy (name: munch) at the end of the street who has approximately eight kids, a green house and a green cadillac to match. he just called up david and explained that he and his woman are staying at the knight's inn this evening, "you know, to get away from all them fuckin kids for a minute." david said he was heading over to that side of town and munch asked him for a huge favor.
"could you bring somethin out this way for us? it's a big favor man, my fault, my fault. just stop by our house on the way, check on the kids, check on the little one and if she ain't in bed, make sure she headin that way. and one more thing, my fault, man. get my boy to get the dvd player and put it in a bag for you, and tell him to put the grown-up movie in there too."

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