Thursday, July 29, 2010

reading roundup no. 1

these were sho's first library books checked out (age: 3 weeks) and i was going to joke about how tana hoban is totally sho's favorite author, writing gripping tales that keep sho up late at night with their elaborate plot twists and unparalleled character development, but then i looked up tana hoban and found out that she was actually this really neat-sounding, famous photographer who died in paris a few years ago at the age of 88. her work was exhibited at the museum of modern art and spans seven decades, she started the group "americans for peace" in paris and led protest marches at the us embassy, and (according to her obituary) her approach to photography and children's books was considered revolutionary.

tana hoban, i underestimated you.

"Through my photographs and through open eyes I try to say, 'Look!' There are shapes here and everywhere, things to count, colors to see and always, surprises." -- Tana Hoban, from an autobiographical essay written in 1979.

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